These are some files relating to the TI-99/4A I created over the years, for myself, but I figured why not share them with the community?
16 x 16 16-bit Memory Grid.XlS
Aspect Ratio Comparison between TMS9918, TMS9929, and V9t9 emulator / F18A VGA-output VDP replacement
Cartridge Port Pinouts (.txt)
Console ROM disassembly (.txt)
DATA declarations of PC DOS Fonts.TXT
File Descriptor Record Template.TXT
GPL Instructions by Opcode.Txt
GPL Instructions, by Instruction.Doc
GPL Instructions, by Instruction.html
GPL Instructions, by Instruction.Txt
GROMdump - Binary dump of the GROM files, so you can see the character definitions.
GROM Only.txt - cartridges that only used GROM chips - no ROM
Module Chips & Info.txt
Module Copyrights.txt
Parsec Modified GROM (CNN Logo on Landscape Instead of TI!).bin
ROM-ONLY.TXT - cartridges that could run using ROM only, so no need to provide the GROM functionality.
Story Machine Words.Doc
TI Artist VRAM Allocation.Txt
TI File Management System.TXT
TI Keyboard ASCII Returns.TXT
TI RGB Values.Txt - got these from the V9t9 emulator.
TI Scratchpad Memory Map.doc
TI Video Registers.doc
TMS9918A Video Register Descriptions
TI-99/4A Emulator (js99er)
TI-99 4A Keyboard Technical Data.doc
TI-99 4A Keyboard Technical Data.html
tms4116 pinout.txt
TMS9900 Instruction Formats, by Opcode, small print.xls

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