Actors Who Appeared in Both Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld

Since IMDb’s collaboration tool doesn’t work, I put together a bit of PHP to compare the cast list for both Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld, and came up with this intersection:

Larry David
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Jerry Seinfeld
Jason Alexander
Lou DiMaggio
Patrick Kerr
Christine Taylor
Michael Richards
Lauren Graham
Bill Saluga
Clement Blake
Ana Gasteyer
Philip Baker Hall
Jon Hayman
Patrick Bristow
Julie Claire
Lou Cutell
James Pickens Jr.
Anita Barone
Randy Carter
Allan Wasserman
Dyana Ortelli
Michele Maika
Bob Odenkirk
Perry Anzilotti
Kathy Griffin
Lauren Bowles
Tim Bagley
Mark Boone Junior
Danny Breen
Chip Chinery
Carol Leifer
Chris Parnell
Bryan Cranston
Mike Hagerty
Melanie Smith
Chris Barnes
Kyle T. Heffner
Ann Morgan Guilbert
Cynthia Szigeti
Lisa Arch
Jane Edith Wilson
Christopher Darga
Merrin Dungey
Rick Hall
Al Fann
Allan Havey
Thom Barry
Ed O’Ross
Kevin Ruf
Harry S. Murphy
Carlos Jacott
Wren T. Brown
Ken Hudson Campbell
Louis Mustillo
Mark DeCarlo
Thomas Mills
Norman Brenner
Larry Miller
Tucker Smallwood
Amy Hill
Ken Thorley
Marc Hirschfeld
Van Epperson
Barry Diamond
Hiram Kasten
Steve Skrovan
Eric Poppick
Pat Finn
Maggie Wheeler
Angelo Di Mascio Jr.
David Moreland
Kathryn Joosten
Toby Huss
Lisa Pescia
Adrian Sparks
Loretta Fox
Susan Segal
Ken Takemoto
Stephen Tobolowsky
Taylor Negron
Estelle Harris
Earl Schuman
Toshi Toda
Rick Overton
Jim Zulevic
Vicki Lewis
June Kyoto Lu
Cynthia Ettinger
Murray Rubin
Brenda Strong
Cindy Lu
Ray Proscia
Steve Hytner
Wayne Knight
Nicholas Walker

This was a quick-and-dirty to answer someone’s question. I copy-pasted the cast list from each into Notepad and saved as text files curb.txt and seinfeld.txt.

Each cast member line starts with an alphabetical character, with a tab (ASCII character 9) to separate fields, and then each alternate line starts with a space (ASCII character 32). With that in mind, the PHP comes out as below.

With a bit more work, we could have a table identifying the roles each actor played in the respective shows.

 $fp1 = fopen('seinfeld.txt', 'r');
 $fp = fopen('curb.txt', 'r');
 while ($string = fgets($fp)) {
 if (!(' ' == $string[0])) {
 $curb[] = substr($string, 0, strpos($string, chr(9)));

while ($string = fgets($fp1)) {
 if (!(' ' == $string[0])) {
 $seinfeld[] = substr($string, 0, strpos($string, chr(9)));
 $both = array_intersect($curb, $seinfeld);
 foreach ($both as $actor) {
 echo $actor . '<br>';

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