‘Full House’ 8K: Every Episode Simultaneously – YouTube

Here’s an insane experiment I did, with the help of FFMPEG and Audacity.

192 input video files (640×480 / 4:3 aspect ratio), to fit into a 16:9 frame. 16 across, 12 down, each resized to 480×360, in order to fit perfectly into an 8K frame (7680×4320).

The audio was extracted from each video as a WAV file, and then mixed together as mono. Neither FFMPEG nor Audacity could handle 192 audio inputs at a time, so I did them in 8 batches of 24, then mixed the audio and video back together using FFMPEG.

It took like 5 minutes to upload to YouTube, then about an hour for YouTube to process the SD, then only several hours later did the 8K version become available.

The render command, which also brought in the separate audio, looked something like this:

ffmpeg -i "1x01.avi" -i "1x02.avi" -i "1x03.avi" -i "1x04.avi" -i "1x05.avi" -i "1x06.avi" -i "1x07.avi" -i "1x08.avi" -i "1x09.avi" -i "1x10.avi" -i "1x11.avi" -i "1x12.avi" -i "1x13.avi" -i "1x14.avi" -i "1x15.avi" -i "1x16.avi" -i "1x17.avi" -i "1x18.avi" -i "1x19.avi" -i "1x20.avi" -i "1x21.avi" -i "1x22.avi" -i "2x01.avi" -i "2x02.avi" -i "2x03.avi" -i "2x04.avi" -i "2x05.avi" -i "2x06.avi" -i "2x07.avi" -i "2x08.avi" -i "2x09.avi" -i "2x10.avi" -i "2x11.avi" -i "2x12.avi" -i "2x13.avi" -i "2x14.avi" -i "2x15.avi" -i "2x16.avi" -i "2x17.avi" -i "2x18.avi" -i "2x19.avi" -i "2x20.avi" -i "2x21.avi" -i "2x22.avi" -i "3x01.avi" -i "3x02.avi" -i "3x03.avi" -i "3x04.avi" -i "3x05.avi" -i "3x06.avi" -i "3x07.avi" -i "3x08.avi" -i "3x09.avi" -i "3x10.avi" -i "3x11.avi" -i "3x12.avi" -i "3x13.avi" -i "3x14.avi" -i "3x15.avi" -i "3x16.avi" -i "3x17.avi" -i "3x18.avi" -i "3x19.avi" -i "3x20.avi" -i "3x21.avi" -i "3x22.avi" -i "3x23.avi" -i "3x24.avi" -i "4x01.avi" -i "4x02.avi" -i "4x03.avi" -i "4x04.avi" -i "4x05.avi" -i "4x06.avi" -i "4x07.avi" -i "4x08.avi" -i "4x09.avi" -i "4x10.avi" -i "4x11.avi" -i "4x12.avi" -i "4x13.avi" -i "4x14.avi" -i "4x15.avi" -i "4x16.avi" -i "4x17.avi" -i "4x18.avi" -i "4x19.avi" -i "4x20.avi" -i "4x21.avi" -i "4x22.avi" -i "4x23.avi" -i "4x24.avi" -i "4x25.avi" -i "4x26.avi" -i "5x01.avi" -i "5x02.avi" -i "5x03.avi" -i "5x04.avi" -i "5x05.avi" -i "5x06.avi" -i "5x07.avi" -i "5x08.avi" -i "5x09.avi" -i "5x10.avi" -i "5x11.avi" -i "5x12.avi" -i "5x13.avi" -i "5x14.avi" -i "5x15.avi" -i "5x16.avi" -i "5x17.avi" -i "5x18.avi" -i "5x19.avi" -i "5x20.avi" -i "5x21.avi" -i "5x22.avi" -i "5x23.avi" -i "5x24.avi" -i "5x25.avi" -i "5x26.avi" -i "6x01.avi" -i "6x02.avi" -i "6x03.avi" -i "6x04.avi" -i "6x05.avi" -i "6x06.avi" -i "6x07.avi" -i "6x08.avi" -i "6x09.avi" -i "6x10.avi" -i "6x11.avi" -i "6x12.avi" -i "6x13.avi" -i "6x14.avi" -i "6x15.avi" -i "6x16.avi" -i "6x17.avi" -i "6x18.avi" -i "6x19.avi" -i "6x20.avi" -i "6x21.avi" -i "6x22.avi" -i "6x23.avi" -i "6x24.avi" -i "7x01.avi" -i "7x02.avi" -i "7x03.avi" -i "7x04.avi" -i "7x05.avi" -i "7x06.avi" -i "7x07.avi" -i "7x08.avi" -i "7x09.avi" -i "7x10.avi" -i "7x11.avi" -i "7x12.avi" -i "7x13.avi" -i "7x14.avi" -i "7x15.avi" -i "7x16.avi" -i "7x17.avi" -i "7x18.avi" -i "7x19.avi" -i "7x20.avi" -i "7x21.avi" -i "7x22.avi" -i "7x23.avi" -i "7x24.avi" -i "8x01.avi" -i "8x02.avi" -i "8x03.avi" -i "8x04.avi" -i "8x05.avi" -i "8x06.avi" -i "8x07.avi" -i "8x08.avi" -i "8x09.avi" -i "8x10.avi" -i "8x11.avi" -i "8x12.avi" -i "8x13.avi" -i "8x14.avi" -i "8x15.avi" -i "8x16.avi" -i "8x17.avi" -i "8x18.avi" -i "8x19.avi" -i "8x20.avi" -i "8x21.avi" -i "8x22.avi" -i "8x23.avi" -i "8x24.avi" -filter_complex "xstack=inputs=192:layout=0_0|640_0|1280_0|1920_0|2560_0|3200_0|3840_0|4480_0|5120_0|5760_0|6400_0|7040_0|7680_0|8320_0|8960_0|9600_0|0_480|640_480|1280_480|1920_480|2560_480|3200_480|3840_480|4480_480|5120_480|5760_480|6400_480|7040_480|7680_480|8320_480|8960_480|9600_480|0_960|640_960|1280_960|1920_960|2560_960|3200_960|3840_960|4480_960|5120_960|5760_960|6400_960|7040_960|7680_960|8320_960|8960_960|9600_960|0_1440|640_1440|1280_1440|1920_1440|2560_1440|3200_1440|3840_1440|4480_1440|5120_1440|5760_1440|6400_1440|7040_1440|7680_1440|8320_1440|8960_1440|9600_1440|0_1920|640_1920|1280_1920|1920_1920|2560_1920|3200_1920|3840_1920|4480_1920|5120_1920|5760_1920|6400_1920|7040_1920|7680_1920|8320_1920|8960_1920|9600_1920|0_2400|640_2400|1280_2400|1920_2400|2560_2400|3200_2400|3840_2400|4480_2400|5120_2400|5760_2400|6400_2400|7040_2400|7680_2400|8320_2400|8960_2400|9600_2400|0_2880|640_2880|1280_2880|1920_2880|2560_2880|3200_2880|3840_2880|4480_2880|5120_2880|5760_2880|6400_2880|7040_2880|7680_2880|8320_2880|8960_2880|9600_2880|0_3360|640_3360|1280_3360|1920_3360|2560_3360|3200_3360|3840_3360|4480_3360|5120_3360|5760_3360|6400_3360|7040_3360|7680_3360|8320_3360|8960_3360|9600_3360|0_3840|640_3840|1280_3840|1920_3840|2560_3840|3200_3840|3840_3840|4480_3840|5120_3840|5760_3840|6400_3840|7040_3840|7680_3840|8320_3840|8960_3840|9600_3840|0_4320|640_4320|1280_4320|1920_4320|2560_4320|3200_4320|3840_4320|4480_4320|5120_4320|5760_4320|6400_4320|7040_4320|7680_4320|8320_4320|8960_4320|9600_4320|0_4800|640_4800|1280_4800|1920_4800|2560_4800|3200_4800|3840_4800|4480_4800|5120_4800|5760_4800|6400_4800|7040_4800|7680_4800|8320_4800|8960_4800|9600_4800|0_5280|640_5280|1280_5280|1920_5280|2560_5280|3200_5280|3840_5280|4480_5280|5120_5280|5760_5280|6400_5280|7040_5280|7680_5280|8320_5280|8960_5280|9600_5280" -i final_mix_normalised_mono.wav -map 192:a:0 -s 7680x4320 -c:v libx265 -b:v 35000k output8k_final.h265.mp4

That would have been a pain in the ass to type out, so it was generated using a PHP script I put together.

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